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Marca CERO – Agencia de Emprendedores - Wix Partner


Marca CERO – Crear pagina web


Connect the Wix Wizard: This refers to indexing your page in the search engine with Google, following the best practices in Wix.


We will teach you to do the following:

  • Paragraph structure for each page of the website

  • Labels on each page: Example; Keywords | Name | Location

  • Tags in the images and texts of the page ALT TAG.

  • Keywords immersed in the paragraphs

  • Using the backlink - Directories

  • Internal links associated with KW.

  • Establish 5 Keywords of how my potential clients would search for me.

  • Scope of these Keywords in Google. 

Duration: Hour and a half to two (2) hours.

Mode: Virtual.

Other activities:

  • It will tell you how to connect Wix with Google my business. The client must have created their Google My Business account. 

  • URL redirect manager in case you have had another website with other internal url extensions. 

  • For url losses it will be indicated in generating the 404 page

  • Other recommendations of marketing actions of the digital ecosystem with Wix that nurture and grow your website (Blog - Mail marketing - Hashtag -) 

  • Web recommendations, diagnosis, SPEECH WEB, user experience based on the value proposition and Web structure for search engines.

  • Access to the Google console to request new indexing, plus the upload of the sitemap.

  • Sub-Domains associated with the KW.

We will review:

  • URL Correction

  • Favicon 

  • Google Analytics UA code, if it is not connected, it will be indicated how to connect it. 

  • Dashboard section in Wix: OPTIONS; will review the business information section and indicate actions.

SEO Training with Wix


Pesos Col  $350,000


USD 150

Prices do not include billing costs (VAT) or withholdings, if any type of withholding is required, the percentage corresponding to the final prices presented will have to be added. 

Marca CERO – Crear tienda online - SEO
Marca CERO – Crear tienda online


My experience with Zero was incredible. The very complete advice of the website in everything related to SEO. Recommended I thank Carlos Moya for his advice.

Liliana Gordillo


CERO's work was excellent. I received the service sold and exceeded expectations. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they provide a very complete support touching each topic from different perspectives such as marketing and web development.

Patricia Supelano


Excellent advice, the information was clear and very useful, it helped me to clarify several doubts regarding the configuration of the page and positioning in search engines... 100% recommended !!!


Camilo Arroyo


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