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How to make a sports logo 🏆

The promotion of sports services, the holding of important events, the production of sports equipment and goods - all these are popular. To earn the respect of the target audience, sports organizations must be serious about developing corporate identity. One of the most important elements is the team logo. Brand logos for sports themes attract attention and are remembered by potential customers.

How to make a sports logo

The emblem helps fans to know the right team, among other representatives of the sports management. The logo is placed on branded merchandise, player uniforms, as well as on leaderboards and posters. Important leaving any logo, including the emblems of a sports team, are the icon, colors and font of the inscription.

- Icon Selection

In logos you can often see shields, balls, images of birds and wild animals. Images of wild predators are reminiscent of the participation of a particular team or company in active sports. It is not prohibited to use icons with symbolic meaning. One of the many options for the icon is the inventory used for the game. For example, for basketball equipment, balls, grid images and the like are suitable.

- Color Palette

Neutral and dark tones are considered relevant. Vigorous yellow, green and red colors will be a good choice. Win - win options - blue, brown, gray. Multi-colored markings are suitable only for children's audiences. Each color has a certain impact on people, and this should not be forgotten.

- Font Selection

Special attention should be paid to the selection of the logo font. For branding, massive and thin fonts are suitable. The font style is selected taking into account the characteristics of the icon. If the image is large, then it is better to give preference to some kind of massive font.

To obtain a quality and attractive brand for a Sports Club, it is necessary to take into account a series of important rules.

1. Uniqueness

The logo is a distinctive element of the team, so it must be one of a kind. Do not copy the ideas of others. It is much easier for fans to identify their team if the logo is unique and different from others.

2. Choose quality components

The image in the logo must be high resolution. This will allow, without hindrance, to use the mark in print and place it on the media.

3. Reflects the characteristics of the team

The logo can say more about your Club than you think. The colors and the icon of the emblem without words will indicate the strengths of the team: strength, resistance, invincibility of the players. To do this, you will only have to choose the correct elements of the brand.

4. Get inspired by the examples of others

Look at the logos of famous teams in your sport. Analyze which images and colors are used most often. The data collected will help determine in which direction you should move when developing the logo design.

5. Don't be afraid to stand out

Try to come up with a bold idea, even if you haven't found it before on other teams. A memorable and unusual brand will not only attract the attention of fans, but also reflect their creativity.

Developing a brand independently can seem like a daunting task for users who are inexperienced in designing and working with graphical editors. You can use the online designer Turbologo offering a development process automated. To work with such services does not require special skills and knowledge. You just need to specify the necessary information, and then choose the favorite version of the logo.


The sports logo must be original, memorable, visually appealing. Such a brand emblem will attract attention, make the team recognizable. Creating logos requires a lot of skill and love for the sport. With the right approach, even simple logos will work as efficiently as possible.

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